L’instant poésie

À l’occasion de leur passage à la Fondation Saint-John Perse

Jean-Baptiste Para (18 m 27 s)

Daniel Maximin (16 m 56 s)

Caroline BOIDE (8 m 56 s)

Laurent Cennamo,,it,June at 18:30,,fr,is the title of the second book of poetry published by Editions Laurent Cennamo,,fr,In this book,,fr,the author explores a new facet of his poetic experience,,fr,lighter,,fr,more open to the world and its diversity,,fr,its first collection was called,,fr,To him that was hung upside down,,fr,appear as,,fr,to the turning of a chiseled,,fr,a childhood toy,,fr,The Knight of the Swan,,fr,Italian footballer,,fr,the hero of a TV series years,,fr,Mac Gyver,,no,On the occasion of this meeting,,fr,Laurent Cennamo will dialogue with his publisher Editions La Dogana,,fr,Florian Rodari,,fr,ANGLES Laurent SPARKLING Cennamo,,fr (17 m 34 s)

Nimrod (10 m 05 s)

Tanella Boni (13 m 28 s)

Bruno Doucey (17 m 38 s)

Sylvie Kandé (14 m 06 s)