Rencontre avec Nassuf Djailani, Laurent Cennamo et Bruno Doucey

Friday 14 September 18 . 30 – salle Jules Isaac, Méjanes Library

La Fondation vous convie au passage de témoin entre ses poètes résidents : Laurent Cennamo,,it,June at 18:30,,fr,is the title of the second book of poetry published by Editions Laurent Cennamo,,fr,In this book,,fr,the author explores a new facet of his poetic experience,,fr,lighter,,fr,more open to the world and its diversity,,fr,its first collection was called,,fr,To him that was hung upside down,,fr,appear as,,fr,to the turning of a chiseled,,fr,a childhood toy,,fr,The Knight of the Swan,,fr,Italian footballer,,fr,the hero of a TV series years,,fr,Mac Gyver,,no,On the occasion of this meeting,,fr,Laurent Cennamo will dialogue with his publisher Editions La Dogana,,fr,Florian Rodari,,fr,ANGLES Laurent SPARKLING Cennamo,,fr (2017) and Nassuf Djailani (2018). Entretien conduit par Bruno Doucey.

Une table de livres sera proposée par la Librairie de Provence.