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on view until 16 June 2018

Ninon Anger,,en,To the elements of the world,,fr,What spoke to me in the work of St. John Perse,,fr,it's really a resonance about the elements,,fr,subjects I worked in different ways,,fr,on different media,,fr,papers,,fr,adapted to these elements,,fr,Cigarette paper collages,,fr,to say the air,,fr,the air we breathe,,fr,rather light in motion,,fr,Collage of cement bag paper giving a texture-skin to say bark of trees,,fr,Papers covered with ashes,,fr,burnt wood,,fr,charcoal,,fr,Tinted,,fr,from light gray to dark,,fr,also covered with grains and residues giving a granular texture,,fr,Crumpled paper to tell the entanglement,,fr,the fabric,,fr,an insect wing,,fr
Aux éléments du monde

The opening took place on,fr 23 March 2018


News Foundation,,fr,The Foundation will be exceptionally closed Saturday,,fr,Find Tal Coat the major retrospective of the Granet Museum in Aix-en-Provence,,fr


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