Exposure Julie Bessard

from June 22 th to October 24 November 2012

Saint-John Perse Foundation
Méjanes Library
Free admission Tuesday through Saturday from 14 :00 to 18 .

Vernissage on Friday 22 June
at 20 p. m.

Preceeded at 19 hours of a meeting between the artist and Patrick Chamoiseau,
Prix ​​Goncourt, powered by Antoine Spire,
in the presence of Yves-André Istel, President of the Saint-John Perse Foundation.
Photo-reportage, text Patrick Chamoiseau,
Incommencements, Meditations from Julie Bessard

Press kit, with photos and excerpts from the interview with Antoine Spire

During the meeting table books will be held by the Vents du Sud library

Falquée wing of the dream, You will find us tonight
on other banks…

Inspired by the Birds de Saint-John Perse, Julie Bessard deploys its sculptures straw stapled to invade the space of the Foundation.
Winged forms interact with their moving shadows, carrying them to hybrid identities.

Julie Bessard is a visual atmospheres that creates hybrid forms combining and shifting carved their shadows. The poetry of Saint-John Perse echoes his work in the expression of the encounter between territories, times and imaginary. Forms escape from a world assigned to the unexpected birth, Poetry.

As Patrick Chamoiseau talking about their common : “a form in its shade, a shadow to form, Julie Bessard invokes this same strangeness that roam the ancient signs, animal shadows, forms beyond the hybrid…” (in Incommencements, Meditations from Julie Bessard).

Julie Bessard and Patrick Chamoiseau create in the wake of Saint-John Perse.

Julie Bessard (photo : Africultures)

Patrick Chamoiseau (photo : Le Devoir)

Itinerary of Julie Bessard
Her site :
Introduction to installation Shadows, at the Clement Foundation, Le François, Martinique (March 2007) and Musée Dapper Paris (th 2007).