The Locarno Treaties

Locarno, small Swiss town on Lake Maggiore, is famous for the agreements that were signed, the 16 th 1925 (ratified on 1 December), between France, Germany, the Belgique, la Grande-Bretagne, Italy, Poland and Czechoslovakia. They aim to ensure collective security in Europe. “They mark the beginning of an era of trust and cooperation. Must Locarno, a new Europe rises” (Briand).

Among other agreements, the Pact of Locarno (or Rhine Pact) puts an end to the dispute between France (Briand) and Germany (Stresemann) about war reparations (Germany does not want or can not pay, they are appointed), their common border (Alsace-Lorraine is finally returned to France), it allows the term entry of Germany into the League of Nations (effective le 10 December 1926).

Locarno agreements have generated immense hope in all segments of the population, what has been called the’esprit de Locarno bathroom all the time until the early 1930, the Memorandum Briand-Leger is the ultimate translation.