Serge Chamchinov
In the laboratory of the artist’s book

Friday 20 February till 30 mai
Saint-John Perse Foundation , Méjanes Library


In the laboratory of the artist’s book

Friday, May 20 February, Méjanes Library,
Performance by Serge Chamchinov
just before the opening of the exhibition.


Presentation of the exhibit

In 2008, Serge Chamchinov founded, with poet and visual artist Anne Arc, the Laboratory of the artist's book. To date, this collection account 30 Volumes created in 10 sections. All sections of the laboratory coordinate them as working branches within a scientific structure. Laboratory experiments book, considering it as an original graphic work of art. By rthe way, different types of writing are implanted : poetic, musical, analytical, theoretical and self-reflective.

Serge Chamchinov and Anne Arc

The Exhibit shows all volumes of the Laboratory, as well as some other works . such as, the installation “Twenty-first century on the Drunken Boat” which gives the impression of a stream of boats with sails leaves in space. This facility represents the poem in twenty-five languages.

Some photos of the exhibition

Presentation Performance

At the opening of the exhibition, Friday, May 20 February, Serge Chamchinov completed to achieve a series of a Leporello-Book with the Poem Snows de Saint-John Perse, with musical accompaniment by the Scottish composer Brian Douglas and reading the poem by Anne Feraud.

Photos of the performance

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