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Through 20 000 documents, the Foundation restores the cultural universe of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century : manuscripts, correspondence, books from his personal library, copies of his works, critical works, photographs, works of art, discs, and files. This collection is distinguished by its heritage (14 100 documents belonged to Saint-John Perse) and the multitude of support it receives. Taken collectively, these documents piece together the intellectual journey of Saint-John Perse and show the ins and outs of his creative work. Acquisitions and donations regularly enrich the collection.

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Collections are described in paper catalogs available on site. The fund is being computerized.


  • Books kept at the Foundation, whether the personal library of Alexis Leger / Saint-John Perse or other, including studies on him, sont en cours de catalogage sur le site de la Bibliothèque Méjanes.
    To access those already cataloged, click this link then, on the home page, click “Advanced search” then, on a new page, choose the location “Saint-John Perse Foundation” and enter your query.
    You want to be aware of all the books owned by the Foundation on birds (only those who have been cataloged course) ? Enter the word “fowl” : 17 answers given, including some little known, including master's theses. Opportunity to limit the scope “against the titre” and ask whether “bird” (3 answers), whether “fowl” (13 answers).
  • 151 manuscripts were first featured in the BN-Opaline catalog of the National Library of France (closed since 2007), it has been integrated from the catalog of the Bnf.

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Documents are available on site (no external loan).
Students and researchers interested in working on heritage collections should contact the archivist to make an appointment.
A son arrivée, the researcher will fill a form stating their identity and the nature of its research. The form includes, in particular, engagement thank the Foundation for any public use of its collections and file a copy of its work, typed or printed. Proof of her research will also be asked : letter from memory (master) or Director of Research (thesis), letter editor for a publishing project.
The use of the laptop is possible. The Foundation may make available to the public internet access (wifi).


Photocopies are allowed with the exception of annotated documents or fragile works and libraries, journals, and clippings in folders. Reproductions of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, museum objects, audio-visual, literary and personal files are not allowed.
Copies are limited and pay (0,15 € per page). The Foundation also offers a service for scanning archives for the press and publishing (Copyright and reproduction costs and time to provide rights).