Index of Poetic Works

The words,,fr,snatched from their bed,,fr,they are our janissaries and deliver us a hundred captives,,fr,Closer to a repertoire of poet's words than from the lexicographic tradition,,fr,since it keeps the different forms of words,,fr,Language,,fr, arrachés à leur lit, run self-advocate for us : ils sont nos janissaires et nous livrent cent captives.
Saint-John Perse , “Léon-Paul Fargue”, O.C. p. 525

Plus proche d’un répertoire de mots d’un poète que de la tradition lexicographiqe stricto sensu puisqu’il conserve les différentes formes des mots, This index can appreciate the time preference of Saint-John Perse, and phonetic qualities of genres, numbers, or conjugated forms.

Like all books of this type, it gives the possibility to find easily a quote. And filtering that determines its readability has been reduced to the essential, it is a valuable tool for the linguist as to stylisticien.

Reliability and completeness of the computational process which is the product make it a very safe map for that part of the adventure text.

Professor of French literature at the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, where she teaches poetry, Eveline Caduc is the author of Saint-John Perse and knowledge creation (José Corti, 1977), and several studies on the poet and other poets of the twentieth century.

Eveline Deciduous CNRS, UMR 6039 Bases, Corpus, Langage

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