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News Foundation,,fr,The Foundation will be exceptionally closed Saturday,,fr,Find Tal Coat the major retrospective of the Granet Museum in Aix-en-Provence,,fr

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Nassuf DJAILANI lauréat du Prix Fetkann ! Maryse Condé 2020 de la poésie

Tribute to Pierre Oster

Review of Saint-John Perse dictionary by Georges A. Bertrand on the Fabula website.

Tribute to Thieri Foulc


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Honoré Champion editions published in August 2019 the Saint-John Perse dictionary,
under the direction of Henriette Levillain and Catherine Mayaux.
Consult the table of contents
You can order your bookseller or the Site publisher.
The catalog of the Foundation's latest exhibition,
Traveling in Mongolia 1920 :
Alexis Leger, Jean Augustin Bussiere, Gustavus Charles Toussaint, Henri Picard-Destelan

is on sale at Shop.


Association of Friends of the Saint-John Perse Foundation
(25 th 2020)