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News Foundation,,fr,The Foundation will be exceptionally closed Saturday,,fr,Find Tal Coat the major retrospective of the Granet Museum in Aix-en-Provence,,fr

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on view until 16 June 2018

Ninon Anger,,en,To the elements of the world,,fr,What spoke to me in the work of St. John Perse,,fr,it's really a resonance about the elements,,fr,subjects I worked in different ways,,fr,on different media,,fr,papers,,fr,adapted to these elements,,fr,Cigarette paper collages,,fr,to say the air,,fr,the air we breathe,,fr,rather light in motion,,fr,Collage of cement bag paper giving a texture-skin to say bark of trees,,fr,Papers covered with ashes,,fr,burnt wood,,fr,charcoal,,fr,Tinted,,fr,from light gray to dark,,fr,also covered with grains and residues giving a granular texture,,fr,Crumpled paper to tell the entanglement,,fr,the fabric,,fr,an insect wing,,fr
Aux éléments du monde



Trouver ici – Rencontre avec Jean-Marie Gleize

Friday 22 juin à 18h30 – Auditorium, Méjanes Library


Saint-John Perse, témoignages d’artistes

Of 22 th to October 10 November 2018


Opening of the 3rd edition of the poetry contest Lucienne Gracia-Vincent,fr

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