The European Dream
Aristide Briand – Alexis Leger

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After the first world war and its horrors, several individuals have attempted to register in reality the centennial dream of United States of Europe, first and foremost the pilgrim of peace, Aristide Briand, as Chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs, but also, in the dark, his chief of staff, Alexis Leger, alias Saint-John Perse. The exhibition highlights the proximity of these two men, or their privacy, and is their project and their work in its historical and human context, from largely unknown document, drawn largely in the collections of the Saint-John Perse Foundation. C.T.

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To prepare your visit, or to preserve the memory, to deepen your knowledge on the subject, especially in an educational perspective, you have on this site a number of resources :

– Parallel presentation of Aristide Briand and Alexis Leger
– Chronological markers
– The context
– The Locarno Treaties
– The Kellogg-Briand Pact
– Speech of Alexis Leger in honor of Aristide Briand (New York, March 1942)
– Speach of Aristide Briand (Geneva, 5 September 1929, extract)
– Memorandum from the French Government (1 May 1930, Full Text)
– Replies of 26 European governments (Full Text)
– Report on the results of the investigation (Geneva, 11 September 1930, Full Text)
Some European friends of Alexis Leger
– Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
– Valery Larbaud
– Salvador de Madariaga
– Denis de Rougemont
– Paul Valéry
Louise Weiss
– Europe before Europe
– Preparation of Memorandum
– Analysis Memorandum
– Home Memorandum
– An attempt to destabilize Alexis Leger : the De Noblet Affair
– The Plan Briand, an abortive attempt of European Union (Lecture of
Mrs. Jean-Michel Guieu)


We thank the Association Aristide Briand – especially Patrice Bulting , Christophe Bellon and Christian Morinière – for the loan of a number of documents presentations and refer the interested visitors to its site http://www.aristidebriand.eu/