The Association of Friends of the Fondation Saint-John Perse

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(02 janvier 2020)

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The Association of Friends of the Saint-John Perse Foundation is composed of readers and scholars in France and abroad.

It is a non-profit association whose members meet once a year for a General Assembly. The Board of Directors rotates every four years.

Members may consult the minutes of the General Meetings, reports, and other documents. Click here.

Since its inception in 1975, the year of Alexis Leger’s death, the Association has pursued multiple objectives :

• to support the Saint-John Perse Foundation ;
• to enrich its collections through acquisitions of documents ;
• to facilitate research relevant to the poet-diplomat ;
• to disseminate information about him and his work through the publication of a journal (Souffle de Perse, published every two years) and a discussion forum (SJPinfo) ;
• to help organize events that raise awareness of Saint-John Perse ;
• to contribute to the work of the Saint-John Perse research center in Aix-en-Provence.
The Association’s resources come principally from members’ contributions.


Membership in the Association provides :

• access to the collections of the Saint-John Perse Foundation,
• invitations to events (exhibitions, lectures, conferences, symposia, etc.),
• receipt of at least one publication a year (Souffle de Perse and / or the Gallimard volumes devoted to Saint-John Perse),
,• participation in the life of the network (meetings, SJPinfo e-list).
• members’ rates (- 50 %) on various publications for sale in the Foundation shop (Cahiers Saint-John Perse, Souffle de Perse).

Contributions are partially tax-deductible.

There are various levels of membership (student, active member, donor, benefactor).
See rates on the Membership Form.

To join by mail : Downloadable membership form
To pay your dues online, informations here

Choose here your level of membership and click on “Continue”.
For new members or in case of change of address, specify as part “Comment” your mailing address to receive the publication to which members are entitled each year.


Personal Info

Donation Total: 40,00€

Benefactors 2018 and 2019 :

Francis ANGLADE, Gabrielle CLERC, Alain DORMOY, Michel GIRAUD, Yves-André ISTEL, François de LABARTHE, Bernadette LEHEMBRE, Henriette LEVILLAIN, François-René PADOVANI, Anita PATTERSON, Marion RIMBAUD, Hubert ROUX, Michel THOMAS.

We also give special thanks for the loyal support of :

Daniel BERGHEZAN, Jean BRUTTIN, May CHEHAB, Antoine COMELLAS, André FERRADOU, lisa GARINE-RIMBAUD, Véronique GOLETTO, Yves GOUYOU, Joachim, KAY Michèle JEAN-LOUIS, Henri KERLOC’H, Eric LAVERTU, Régine LEBUHE-CARREL, Bernadette LEHEMBRE, Pierrette MARNE-LABASTHE, Catherine MAYAUX, Dominique MENARD, Delphine MONARD, Carol RIGOLOT, Christian RIVOIRE, Mireille SACOTTE, Antoine SPIRE, Colette SPIRE, Richard STRAMBIO, Claude THIÉBAUT, Antoine TRANI, Sophie VALLES.


Association of Friends of the Saint-John Perse Foundation
Saint-John Perse Foundation
Cité du Livre
8 / 10 street Matches
13098 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 2
Phone. : 04 42 91 98 85
Fax : 04 42 27 11 86
Email. :

Souffle de Perse

The journal has been published since 1991.
It is sent free to all members of the Association of Friends of the Saint-John Perse Foundation.
It is also available at the Saint-John Perse Foundation

Souffle de Perse is published every two years. Besides information about activities in the Association and the Saint-John Perse Foundation, the journal provides articles, analyses, reports, tributes, a bibliography and, on occasion, unpublished texts. Members are invited to submit articles for upcoming issues. Proposals are reviewed by the Editorial Committee.

From time to time, the journal devotes special issues to the publication of conference or workshop proceedings.

In 2010, a special issue was devoted to the Nobel Prize acceptance speech (Poetry) – a facsimile with drafts of the speech — on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary. In 2012, Souffle de Perse published a new edition of the Cruise to the Aeolian Islands (L’Aspara), 1967.

Editor :

Claude Thiebaut

Managing Editor :

Ésa Christine Hartmann

Editorial Committee :

Esa Christine HARTMANN
Mireille SACOTTE