Monique Virelaude,,pt,avrill See poster in large size on Adrienne Arth,,fr,See the poster in great James Sacred format has contributed to Homage to Saint-John Perse,,fr,in the New French Review,,fr,Gallimard.Titos Patrikios translated Saint-John Perse,,fr,of the first,,fr,& Nbsp; To celebrate poetry,,fr,minimalist abstraction exhibition in homage to Saint-John Perse Monique Virelaude,,fr,sculptor Center Albert Camus,,fr,The glittering angles Meet Laurent Cennamo and Florian Rodari,,fr,crusoe,,en : Tribute to Saint-John Perse
Of 26 April to 8 June 2019

Vernissage de l’exposition vendredi 26 avril à 18h30


Prix Poésie21 2019
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