Library and the Library of Critical Works

Critical library

It brings together a 1600 monographs, academic, articles and brochures the poet and diplomat from The poetics of Saint-John Perse by Roger Caillois to the latest publications. A quarter of the books belonged to him. A bibliography is published annually.

The library works

Editions 34 languages ​​of the work of the writer represent approximately 800 securities more than half are heritage. This fund is classified by poem, by genre or presentation (prose, complete works and grouped, selected works in anthologies). It contains valuable documents as the Russian translation ofAnabase of 1926. A bibliography is published annually.

The branch library

It offers books, brochures and magazines useful to the researcher Persien (usual, works of authorship friends, books on poetry or around the major themes of the work). Among the 950 securities, there are some books that belonged to the wife of the writer.