The public is frequently invited to participate in activities sponsored by the Foundation.

One example is the 2005 conference A Nobel Prize in Literature, Washington-Giens, organized by Daniel Aranjo at the University of Toulon-Var, some of whose presentations have been published in the journal We Will affirm, Method ! (Vallongues ed., Bandol 2006) and in Souffle de Perse, 14, 2009.

In 2007 Henriette Levillain and Mireille Savotte organized a special day on Saint-John Perse at the Sorbonne in preparation for the Agrégation examination. Talks by Dominique Combe, Christian Doumet, Henriette Levillain, Catherine Mayaux, Mireille Sacotte and Renee Ventresque were published in Souffle de Perse 13, 2008. Readable here.